Unstoppable – Rosica Mrsic

Unstoppable, an initiative that aims to raise awareness and support women-heroines who do not give up and defy any problem. Single mothers, women who have fought dangerous serious diseases, women with disabilities, women from vulnerable groups. Women who create from the heart and dream with their eyes wide open.

Knitting and creating, the initiative received huge support from strong and successful women-drivers which gave us an additional motivation to continue and not stop. It started a year ago, so that our first branded handmade bags – Manta, Kadelka and Guna – were created this year. Together with our wonderful designer Rosica Mrsic we are happy to present you three wonderful bags that were created by the hands of these wonderful women.

Inspiration for these bags were the traditional folklore costumes and materials.


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Inspiration: a rectangular canvas piece worn to cover the chest open part of the traditional female costume shirt.

This is perhaps the most challenging bag to create because the production includes more than 7 artisans. The cotton canvas is printed with a hand screen printing technique with the special and unique design. Then, beads and threads are sewn on it. Then, along with the hand -sewed leather handle of soft black leather, all parts are assembled, and form this beautifully shaped bag.



Kadelka or Tresalka is a bag made with tapestry technique, using punch needle with wool threads in the traditional way. It takes minimum two weeks to make this bag and for its creation, three artisans are included. Based on the famous Panama canvas, it is carefully crafted with a lot of attention and love. Soft and comfortable bag, with nice soft hand sewn leather handles for easy touch.


Inspired by the Guna, which is a feature of the traditional female costume from Mariovo. Crocheted with a soft macrame thread that gives it a pure shape and an elegant line. You can wear it with the two knitted handles and a colourful cotton pom-pom that gives it a special character.

This collection of designer handbags is timeless, not seasonal, not fast fashion… It was created by the golden hands of unstoppable women who bring the spirit of the past and tradition to the modern world. They convey a message to all women – to be yourself, unique, to cherish the love of tradition and to be proud of it.