Meet the artisans!

The rapidity of modern living leads to subtle monotony, doesn’t it? Who else could help you be unique if not The Young Shepherd?

A love story for handicrafts and leather started around 2014, we are The Young Shepherd or known as Handmade Leather Products. Leather, as one of the highest quality materials, is what we decided to use for making our products. Always made of the highest quality, great design and of course with a lot of love. Be unique and have a piece that is practical and made of high quality leather. We guarantee the quality of our products. Always with you! The Young Shepherd Handmade Leather Products.

Our story of Estesis fragrance making began with a love of planet Earth, lavender, and lilacs with vibrant scents, colors and greens.

Beeswax, which is a major component of this candle, is the purest form of wax containing negative ions designed to neutralize the positive particles in the air (allergens, domestic dust, pet dust). The beeswax candle light is of a natural sunny-yellow color that carry our valuable bees.

By buying this candle you can tell a story and give a moment, but you do more. Purchasing also means supporting beekeepers to retain and / or restore the organic principles of bee-keeping and the organic way of growing lavender.

Aesthetic Organic Candle is a completely Macedonian product and is a fragrance product.

The authors, spouses Emilija and Stojce Tocinovski, are academic fine artists who graduated in 1999 on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, and they belong to the young generation of painters in contemporary Macedonian painting.

As art creators who work together on the same canvas they have created their own world and in their own way they recreate the man, the life and the world, thereby highlighting the valuable aspects of their work. They often represent new cycles, not repeated with new ideas.

Their thoughtful engagement, lively imagination and sensibility, as well as exploratory energy and expression result in autonomous creations with content between the freedom of the thematic layer and the visual representation.

They are guided by motifs with a pronounced poetic symbolism of modern artistic expression. They are art works made with a lot of warmth and love, light, clean, measured with refined strokes of meticulous craftsmanship. The paintings are of different motive content of the subject and space as well as the layout of the visual elements which suggest a solid and compact composition. They are characterized by intense, striking chromatically matched color, carefully selected shades to blend colors thanks to their extraordinary feel.

They have participated in many group exhibitions and art colonies in the country and abroad.

Behind the brand KERAKAMIKA stand two graduated artists: Tatiana and Borce Bogoevski.

From 2013, they run a studio for ceramics workshops and have been working on making ceramic products since 2016.

They often work in hand-built or hand-crafted ceramics and pottery, blending traditional techniques and materials with contemporary and individual expression. They use white clay (after solidity close to porcelain) and lead-free glass glazes (non-toxic and safe for use in food items).

The basic idea of their collections is to bring a fresh and different experience to the objects we use in our everyday lives. They achieve this through their tactility, unusual shapes and individual storytelling that runs through each of them. Ceramics convey a special sense of beauty, and awaken an extraordinarily positive experience when used.

So far they have held over a hundred creative workshops group for children and adults, participated in numerous bazaars, fairs, corporate events and design exhibitions.

Every piece of fabric is woven manually, on a hand-held legal loom, with much love and anticipation. Each piece of fabric is unique in structure and color combination, usable and extraordinary.

Anart is a loom weaving studio that has existed for ten years. The first loom, now three in total, brought a lot of excitement, daydreaming and a thousand visuals. The idea was to get a fabric product, hand-made on an old loom-like device, but to achieve a contemporary look and give it a special everyday stamp.

To start weaving requires patience, knowledge, idea and love. Preparing the loom for weaving is the hardest part. A new base is laid for each shawl or poncho to achieve the intended final look. This brings the uniqueness and value to a higher level due to the difficulty of the workmanship.

Our scarves are recognizable at first glance and over the years we have gained many lovers who are happy to wear scarves and ponies. Since we work long hours, we can freely affirm that craftsmanship is quality in terms of durability.

Weaving process

  1. Preparation of the loom

– thread threading, on a special sheeting tool, to obtain the required length and number of knit threads for width

– fastening each thread to the rear axle

– winding the entire base of the rear axle

– pushing each thread individually into the eye of the pendulum

– pushing every thread through its place on the hill

– fastening all the threads on the front axle with equal tension


This part of the weaving is called laying the foundation.

Every piece you hold in your hand went through this process of preparation.

Good day to everyone!

My name is Svetlana Baribina. I have been working with natural wool for over ten years. The technique I use is called rolling or felt. In addition to wool, I use other natural materials and fibers such as: silk, cotton, nettle, bamboo, linen, soybeans …

I make almost everything from wool: carpets, pillows, bags, toys, decorations, jewelry, scarves, hats and berets, footwear, outerwear, gloves …

Feel comfortable wearing natural materials!

Woodyz is our story that we started to create and grow from the beginning of 2016. Perhaps seemingly modest, but for us it is an invaluable story that completes all of our hard work, time, attention, and especially invested love in every detail of the work. Simply put, Woodyz is a story of love and passion.

The basis of the whole story is the pleasure of handmade production, to get a quality, creative, unique and completely natural product. No matter how similar a product with one earlier made looks like, everyone presents his own unique story, dedicated hard work, satisfaction and pleasure during the process of production.

We grow and live under the sky full of beautiful nature, and that is why, as a material we are using different wood types that we choose to be exclusively of geographical origin from our beautiful Macedonia.

In that context, we can freely say that we are creating a 100% handmade Macedonian product.

Our product range currently includes:

– Wooden bowties

– Wooden cufflinks

– Wooden wallets

– Wooden shingles

– Wooden flowers for reverse.

Nena Design

The uniqueness of the creations is both in their craftsmanship and in their creativity.

Needle and thread, grain by grain – ornament. Every part of the creations is made by hand and with top materials, and the duration of the work is always different. I draw inspiration from nature, the environment, life. My long experience is my biggest tool.

Atelier Marjak, or Atelje Siena began her story with creation canvas art that adorns many homes in the country and abroad.

Looking for new excitement and challenges he learned the craft of filigree but did not stop there …..Creates fashionable pieces of silver and natural stone jewelry. She makes hand-painted jewelry coated with epoxy resin etc. Her passion for jewelry has transformed her lifestyle.When you wear Atelier MARJAK jewelry you first of all feel fashionable, confident and sexy.

The idea of ​​ECO wax wraps came from a love of nature, a desire to create healthy lifestyles and maintain a clean environment, the urge to find creative solutions and a passion for creating and enjoying the beautiful. With much enthusiasm we have created the ECO wax wrapper as a packaging that is at the same time simple, environmentally friendly, practical, with a good design and is a sustainable replacement for disposable plastic and aluminum materials. ECO wax wrap is a handmade natural wrap made of 100% cotton material and natural beeswax from local beekeepers, and is used for wrapping food (vegetables, fruits, bread, pastries, sandwiches, etc.) with the warmth of the palms EKO wax wrap and can be easily molded into the shape of the food as well as the containers in which the food is stored. ECO wax coatings address environmental issues such as plastic pollution, waste generation and excessive food waste. ECO wax coatings are intended for reuse as a healthy, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic and aluminum materials and thus contribute to the solution of the problem of waste. After each use, the beeswax coating can be washed, air dried and reused. The main use of ECO wax coating is to preserve food. The ‘breathable’ wrap allows the food to stay fresh longer, thus reducing food loss. EKO wax coatings have the potential to reduce unnecessary food waste due to the antibacterial properties of beeswax that can prevent food spoilage. Depending on the frequency of use, the coating may be composted after the coating has lost its basic function. We strongly believe in collective consciousness and that each individual choice affects all of us. We believe in a slight change in our daily habits that would help our community, but the planet as a whole. With the right conscious choice and healthy habits we can live a quality life and change the world!

Mladen Stojanovski is an independent artist; master artist-goldsmith and filigree artist, mechanical technician, sculptor, professor of fine arts, conservator and metal restorer, conservator and restorer of icons and wall paintings (fresco-secco painting) and professor of goldsmith and filigree techniques.

He was born on 22.03.1982 in Skopje where he finished high school for elaboration of modern jewelry and took 7 years of specialization in the most famous gold industry in Macedonia and former Yugoslavia, the Rubin Karmin – Skopje goldsmith industry.

From 1997 he is constantly in close touch with creativity through the goldsmith and filigree art-crafts. His studio is also his gallery in which one can see his creations.

He took active participation in several group and individual exhibitions. Part of his works are current exponents in some of the world museums.

For the Museum of “Hagia Sophia” he elaborated a nimbus in filigree for the icon of St. Naum of Ochrid, while for the “CIVICO MUSEO DELLA FILIGRANA PIEDRO CARLO BOCIO” he elaborated a traditional Macedonian butterfly as part of the project Butterflies of the World” – “Butterfly”, Made in Macedonia – Macedonia Timeless.

After the graduation at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje and at present he is taking MA/Master Studies in sculpture.

The word “icon” means cheek, portrait. But it is the image or image of a deified man in which the grace of God is fully present, which burns passions by sanctifying not only the soul but also the body. The icon is the discovery of eternity in time, and through it the invisible is seen in the visible. Color tired, that’s the icon.

Icons are made, as in the beginning, according to the ancient Byzantine canons with natural pigments and egg tempera with a golden backdrop symbolizing the Holy Spirit of Taurus Light and often on a permanent tree such as walnut, linden, oak, etc. The icons have their own theology and symbolism both in the choice of colors and in the technique of making.

The icon is an embodied prayer created in prayer and for prayer.

My name is Olga Selivon and I’m the creative creator of Matrioshka. I sew, knit and decorate with love for the children and with them. My creative story began after I became a mother, although as a child I developed a love for handmade. 4 years ago I started knitting clothes and toys for my kids, and then I focused on sewing. One of my regular clients asked me to sew a book to develop her child’s sensory skills. Since then I can’t stop sewing toys and books for child development. I constantly develop techniques and research other types of handicrafts, which I then combine into different creations. In my work I try to use only natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wood, high quality silicone filling. I am happy to share my knowledge with children and adults, and hence the idea of ​​organizing creative workshops for more age groups.

We are witnessing more and more parents today trying to limit the impact of electronic devices on a child, especially in early childhood. To reduce the impact of these devices, they buy toys that develop various skills. One such toy is the book about developing fine motor skills and other skills that children need to develop at pre-school age.

Today, tourists are not only older people and young people, but more and more families traveling with children. And the real art is to entertain children on the road, especially when traveling long distances. I suggest you try out my educational books and games, such as tangram, memory game, (them), thematic tablets, baby toys and more.

The first time I met embroidery was about 10 years old. My grandmother used to make a good crossstitch and she taught me. I made a lot of products back then.  I started again after many years but this time, I just started this crossstitch for therapy. Because if you are a person who loves and trusts people, and if you are wrack by the great difficulties and want to get away from people for a while, doing handcraft is a great therapy. I poured my sorrow into every line of that fabric. My first work was Mevlana, a Turkish thinker. Because I like his world view. He says, no matter who you are, no matter which nation you come from. I do not want a ruthless world where people are separated, marginalized, broken and shed. If you cannot live in a world like this, you will comfort yourself by producing something. I made a bond to the white fabric on the pulley with every line I made with black thread. Every time I stuck the needle in the hoop, I was telling it my sadness. Every black line bore white hopes for me. In this way, I started this adventure only with the aim of therapy and then continued with online sales. And one day I joined the handmade bazaar and met with Izabela, and with her sincere interest and support, my products in Skopje became known and appreciated. First I started with crossstitch and then I learned to embroidery by myself and increased the product range. Now I’m giving embroidery courses and at the same time I continue to make my products on request. I embroider on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The model is according to the request and color selection. My favorite thing about this is that there’s no limit to your imagination. You can fit everything you can into that little world. Just imagine and do it. I obtain my products from many sales sites. All you need is to ask. Live your dreams with gergef, necklace apparatus, fabric, needle and a thread 🙂

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