We are happy and proud to inform you that we have completed the project Esnaf Exclusive, that is supported by the Fund for Innovations Skopje.


Let me ask you a question – How long are you happy after buying something? When your friends ask you where did you get it from, you just say the store’s name and that’s it, right?

What if your heart melts when telling the story behind it, the person who created it, his life story, and you are his hero in it?

The reason you are here is that you want to know more about our value. Every single piece that you find here has a special story to tell you and bring you a spark of happiness. It is because by purchasing it, you are happier knowing that you changed somebody else’s life.

Our Story

“Every day is a gift, so give every day”.

Yes, we are some enthusiasts who decided to change the world of artisans.

And no, we are not alone. Behind us is an army of artisans with a desire to get to you.

As organizers of 8 handicraft bazaars, we faced a lot of challenges. What leads this whole story is the collaboration with more than 250 artisans.

All of these creative people make beautiful pieces, modern or traditional from the finest ornaments and jewelry, to large pieces of decoration and all face the same problems without exception, which is how to present that product to you and the general public.

That is how Esnaf was born, as an equal opportunity for all, as an opportunity to perform in an organized manner without losing identity. Esnaf is also an opportunity for our artisans to represent themselves in the world markets and thus promote a rich tradition and culture.

From artisans for you!

Esnaf is a social enterprise that combines business and social equality. Our success is measured by the positive social and economic impact we have on our artisans and their communities. Our clients shopping influences positively on our artisans. Marginalized categories of people are part of it, and Esnaf is also working to create employment opportunities for them. By purchasing Esnaf products you directly contribute to:

– One artisan to develop his business

– A single mother to feed her child

– In the fight of a woman against malignant diseases

– For inclusion of a marginalized person.

This online store has a mission to make artisans and craftsmen stand together against serially manufactured products that suppress and exterminate crafts, tradition, national wealth, and heritage. You can support Esnaf by purchasing the products by which you will directly contribute to:

We are empowering artisan businesses
We create opportunities for vulnerable categories of people.
We provide a safe and a place with dignity to sell their products (no racial, national, or gender discrimination).
We are guardians of our tradition and culture.
We care for the environment and promote green businesses.